Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are you ready for some football!

We are so ready for tonight!  I did my first sewing project, and the first thing I made was cowboys shirts and skirts for my girls!  I'm pretty proud!  Of course Sean had to be there when I first started cause I don't even know what a bobbin is, and I still need him to thread the machine!  I'm still learning, and don't ask me how Sean knows how to sew, cause I don't! Good thoughts for the cowboys tonight!  Please oh please oh please oh please!


Whidby Island!

I can't tell you how much fun this was!  Adalyn Belle and I got my parents to ourselves for a whole week!  We had the best time just hang ing out, eating lots of ice cream, flying kites, and going to the beach looking for seashells! 

Summer Time!

We headed back to Lethbridge for our summer vacation at the very end of June, our first vacation spot was at our family cabin in West Glacier Montana!  Summer wouldn't be summer without it!  I absolutely love it there!  I'm not exactly an outdoorsman but I do a little better there, cause it is just so fun!  All we do is boat, golf and eat!  It's the best!  And of course Addy got to see her favourite little friend, her cousin Benson!  They are the cutest together!  

Happy 4th!  Even though we're not American!

Brylee!  Isn't she the cutest! This is Paige's little girl!

She loves her Grandpa!

Paige and Kurt!

Addy decided to hop in the water with Angela!  Angela was a sport and played with her!

She's the cutest!

Loved hanging out with this family!

Belle loves her Uncle Dan!